Immortal Cricket Match!

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What is the use of playing a cricket match?
Listen to the Nath Yogi’s immortal cricket match.
To play this one requires no money
Nor does one require things any.
Renunciation, character and contentment are the three stumps of the wickets
That Nath Yogi enjoys as he protects,
External and internal controls are the two bails
While protecting them Nath Yogi never fails.
Standing at the crease of Dharma
Nath Yogi strikes with the bat of Karma.
Behind the stumps, the wicket keeper is ego
Wearing the gloves of vasanas acquired long, long ago.
Maya is the bowler, who bowls,
Expecting him to do fouls.
Vishaya is the ball
Maya throws to all.
Here too, six balls are in an over,
Fielders get no chance to cover.
The rest nine players are there
To catch him out everywhere
Or run him out anywhere.
The true Guru is his coach,
With surrender, Him, he does approach.
Here no match can be fixed
Nor with egos can results be mixed.
Time and truth are the umpires
But he plays without desires.
Know, this world is the playground.
Peace and bliss surely surround
The winner who makes the runs of devotion.
It is very hard to believe my clear notion.
Innumerable Perfect Beings are the spectators
Who are eager to cheer at and welcome the victors.
Nath Yogi thus plays in day and at night
While beholding the self-illuminating light.
Nath Yogi’s cricket match thus I brief,
By winning which you will have no grief.
Surely, you can pass from mortality to immortality.

Vishaya = Object of the senses
Vasanas = The past acquired tendencies for enjoying the sense objects. Mental tendencies, acquired during the experiences of all previous births, for enjoying the sense objects
Perfect Beings = Siddhas = Accomplished Beings

*** Salutations to the shoes of my Eternal Father Guru Siddha Nath ***

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