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This wonderful mental process, according to experts advice, would be something very desirable to be highly improved.The main reason for doing so, these people proclaim is that both, our imagination and creativity are indeed a dynamic duo who always help each other.

Creative people have always found a special niche in our world. Creative human beings have usually depended on this amazing human capacity. In our long past people were much more oriented to high emotional states, because they faced death quite often. Their survival insticts were very acute. In most esoteric mystery schools it was taken for granted this next fact: Our imagination posseses a very unique quality.God gave man this fantastic tool called imagination the capacity to move frrely forwards and backwards. It was like our imagination hanged from an invisible, but at the same time powerful elastic thread. Like a pendulum it can travel backwards to our distant opast , as well as, our immediate future.

During our long History there have been some special men and women whose creative imagination has brought us a lot of benefits, for example the long time women used to spend in a kitchen preparing food has dramatically been reduced. Yes, our common daily activities have been highly simplified, so we can spend more time trying to know oueselves a little better. Besides, it was thanks to Jesus Christ that the ammount of lessons learnt has been also reduced.Nowadays everthything has suddenly become easier tasks to be carried out by us. We live in an age full of wonderful growing golden opportunities.

It is time to ask ourselves these next questions:

Have I done enough to give my imagination the freedom it needs?

Have I enjoyed my moments spent in deep intentional thinking or have I felt uneasy about it?

Have I found in my meditations the required inspiration to continue in the search for my self-improvement?

Have I developed communication techniques to improve my daily communication with everybody?

Does my face express in a sincer smile my inner happiness?

Talking about communication. Isn't it an undeniable fact that now machines suprass us regarding how well they communicate among them. On the other hand we, human beings usually have a hard time when we wish to communicate with our feelow men. Here it is time to ask ourselves another important question:

How many daily minutes do I spend immersed in intentional thinking not only to find solutions to our daily problems, but dedicated to the improvement of human relations? I firmly believe that THE VOW would be carried out more easily if we acquire this daily habit.

I sincerly thank you for expressing my convictions as I love listening to yours, because this is team work. Every contribution is needed.

With my best brotherly wishes with a very prolonged and brotherly loving heart embrace.

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Imagination is an important tool and sometimes may be enjoyable but we must be extra careful not to identify with it for a single moment- must always remember that it is a tool and not us - be aware that we are not the imaginations the same way we are not the thinker or the thoughts...

Only then creativity arises... only then this imagination becomes a means for communication with higher intelligence...

superwoman | Mon, 05/11/2009 - 06:38
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Querido Amigo,

I was searching how I can contact you about a post I read from Intent Blog about CONSAGRATION RITUAL of my Sanctum Im trying to find this doc over the time without success can you help me out with this please this is a very important doc for me.

Thank you for your help in advance,


grobles23 | Sun, 09/16/2012 - 03:44