Imaginable power in the nature can achieve by self effort

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Imaginable power in the nature can achieve by self effort

In the field of imaginable powers or Prakriti, you can achieve the powers through intelligence, self effort, techniques and instruments. You should be either a scientist in the field of imaginable nature or a true devotee in the field of unimaginable super powers. Today, several Gurus are misled and mislead others by standing in the border of these two fields. They want to achieve the super powers by self effort called as meditation (Dhyana) or Yoga. The Advaitins stand in this border in most confused state because they want to become the source of super powers (God) itself through self effort, which is a continuous state of meditation thinking continuously “I am God, I am God”. It is just like getting one lakh rupees lottery (God) by just one rupee ticket (continuous theoretical thinking that you are God)! The other preachers of Yoga and other schools of meditation are just like the people offering a lottery of one thousand rupees for one rupee ticket because they offer some super powers only by meditation. Therefore, be an Indian or a Roman and not to linger in the border of the two countries.

You must either live like a scientist in the nature or a true devotee surrendering to God totally in the spiritual field. A clear distinction is necessary both for the preachers and followers. The discoveries of powers of natural forces were done by God only through the Scientists. The use of the discovered and established powers of nature is left to the control of human being. Therefore, even the nature was created by God only and the use of the created nature was only left to the control of the humanity. Hence you need not feel that you are non-devotional by using the powers of nature as a scientist, because the discovery of the powers of the nature was given by God only.

If you are getting headache, you take a medicine for that and still you are a devotee and do not feel shy that you are becoming non-devotional by using the medicine. The medicine is discovered and given by God only through scientists and you are using the discovery of God only and not the discovery of the scientist. Some devotees start praying God for curing their headache without taking medicine, thinking that the medicine is man made. The scripture says that all the Science came from God only (Vedaah Shastrani Vijnanam Etat Sarvam Janardhanat).