The Illusion of Time - Part 2

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Questioner: Yes, I understand. It appears that we really shouldn't worry too much about how things work, and just concentrate on love.

The Council: It is an old story. It is an old story, and it is worn, worn by eons of time, and man has chosen not to accept the simple truth. He has chosen not to accept the simple truth, yet the more he avoids the only step forward, the more it will confront him, until such time that he has made the absolute decision that he will not accept that step, that attitude. When that decision is made, then he has decided that he will cease to exist. It is that simple. God can give you your birth in life, in spiritual life, but only you can bring a death to that life, that spiritual life; you can develop it and form it in any way you choose either in an area that will be beneficial to you, in a way that will bring more life to you or in a manner that will deplete you of that life. All the great philosophies of mankind from the very beginning, from the very beginning, have had at its seed the one truth that is universal, and that is you must learn to live with one another in brotherly love. If you refuse to accept that and put it into action, you will find it necessary to be confronted with that time and time again, until that point, until that experience, when you say an absolute no to that. When you have made that final choice, then it is over for you, you will have chosen yourself out of complete existence.

Commentary: The Council made the comment that it is difficult to convey to us how reality actually works in that their descriptions might be confused with other inaccurate philosophies. For example, there is a philosophy in the metaphysical world that each individual is living in their own universe and that everyone we meet are here to help us progress. Unfortunately, the problem with this type of philosophy is that you tend to look at everyone else as a puppet in your own play to be used as you wish. This is a very dangerous philosophy that can lead one to very selfish attitudes. Even though The Council states that each of us are a universe of our own and that we are creating our tomorrows, individually and in cooperation with each other, The Council is not saying that the philosophy that we live in our own universe is correct. Far from it. They are saying that our universe interacts intimately with everyone else’s so that we can cooperatively create all our tomorrows. There is a leeway in the way that we experience time so that we can interact with others in a way that what needs to be done can be done, if we choose that.

The important message that The Council is giving us is in the last paragraph. It is not important that we understand how time and reality works. What is important is that we learn “to live with one another in brotherly love.” That is how we will create a tomorrow that will bring us to perfection.

If you want a further challenge I have included a link to The Council’s discussion of Einstein’s theory of relativity and how it relates directly to our observation of time. Also there is a selection discussing how reincarnation is actually viewed by our souls. Please do not be alarmed if you do not grasp these concepts on the first or even second reading. These concepts are as difficult to understand as anything that The Council presented in the four decades that they spoke to us.