The Illusion of Time - Part 1

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I will warn you before you begin reading that this is a very involved concept that The Council is expressing here. There is much to mull over. Even though it is a very long and involved posting I urge you to read to the end. The most important part of the article is at the finish but the earlier portion prepares us for The Council’s final thoughts. In those final thoughts The Council expresses the one factor that brings spiritual growth to every living soul on the earth today.

Frequently, The Council gives an opening statement at the beginning of each Trance. This information on time came in the middle of such an opening statement.

The Council: So, you see, all the worry of time and dates and things that will occur is really a waste of energy because you will observe and experience time in one fashion, where another will observe and experience it in another fashion, so that it is quite possible you may undergo things that are destined to happen while the other person will have no awareness that such things are transpiring. Ultimately, the destruction of all the material manifestation will come in the experiences of each individual entity, and not really as all of you think it will occur, as a worldwide experience; it will be a universal soul experience, but then each of you are a world of your own; each of you are a universe of your own, and each of you are creating your tomorrows, in cooperation with each other and yet individually; so as your world comes to an end, another's world may have eons of time yet to continue. Do you understand the concept we are trying to give you?

Questioner: Yeah, I think I do, but it is really quite radical though, it seems to me that there is enough uniformity of experience with people to reach a consensus of what is generally happening.

The Council: Yes, but as you participate at this time, you are observing other individuals around you and their reaction; you are hearing what we have to say to you, and it is your world. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes, I understand.

The Council: But the person next to you may not really be participating in your world as totally as they are participating in their own. The problem with attempting to convey reality to all of you is that it may be confused with other philosophies or thoughts or concepts that are far from accurate and far from productive, far from being productive; so we must choose our words carefully so that they are not compared with what else is available; yet even as each of you are experiencing your own world, your own universe, you are all very tightly joined together in a spiritual sense, where the true reality lies and is. Each of you are accommodating one another so that you may experience what is necessary to experience for your own soul growth or destruction, depending on your choice; while at the same time an identical situation exists with another, with each and every entity that is now manifesting in the material. The concept is not radical, by any means; the radical concept lies in not only your concept of time and existence but the concept of time and existence of each of you in this room. It is your observance of time and the material that is radical, because you have isolated or channeled your expressions in such a narrow avenue that it meets restrictions, that it meets resistances; and in the meeting of the restrictions and the resistances those energies solidify or slow down and in the process of slowing down, solidify in their individual elements according to the construction or composition of the energy, thus creating the material; the material does not really exist; only in the mind of your soul does it exist; only in the thoughts of you as an entity does the material exist; and yet it is through these thoughts that you will educate yourself, grow, and liberate yourself from your own self so that you may be more glorified in the eyes of your Lord, and in so doing then you glorify Him. Does that make sense to you?

Questioner: Yes, I think it does. It almost sounds as if the material and matter is sort of the end product of wrong thinking; then our job is not really to escape reincarnation but actually change the world back into energy. Am I on the right track at all?

The Council: No, far from the right track. You cannot escape anything; you cannot escape reincarnation; you cannot take energy and turn it into whatever. You are entrapped in your own makings, your own tapestry, you have woven a picture that you must complete. It is immaterial whether you exist or you are experiencing what you are experiencing now because of a restriction or a resistance to the Divine Flow, basically it is immaterial that you are aware of that. Having that awareness does not make it easier in dealing with your situation; what makes it easier in dealing with your situation, what makes the correction so that it is not necessary for you to limit yourself by the material manifestation is the character that you build while you are entrapped in the material manifestation, and the seed of that character which you must build must be the love that you have for one another, the concern that you have for one another, without any consideration for what you may gain from your concern for each other. Do you understand now?

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