Illusion, Real and True

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It will be useful to distinguish between the three levels of perception of Reality with are illusion, Real and True. Illusion is caused due to the limitation of sensory perception and intelligence unable to correct for it. The inability of intelligence to correct is called ignorance. Illusion is caused when sensory perceptions are given primacy and taken to be the proof. Tradition (Gita) says that intelligence is covered by Maya in three ways. Three ways in my words are:-

There could be complete covering where all that is seen by the senses (or measured) is taken to be the whole truth.

There could be partial covering where one tries to grasp what is presented by truth for sensory enjoyment alone and no attempt made at discovering what is true.

In the third case there is an attempt to search for true happiness and discovery of truth but this is also tied up (being related) with sensory perceptions.

The state where intelligence begins to correct for the illusion of senses is called the real. In this things are seen as they are and not as they ought to be. This state gives us a perception of something that is not an illusion but which has movement.

Truth is the ultimate (efficient & material) Cause of all and being uncaused is not subject to change or modification.