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It is very necessary to keep fit our Mental health. We often do Yoga , for making our body strengthen and to arose our physical power. Concurrently , it is essential to take necessary steps to keep our Mental Health fit.
1. Worry
2. Take Tension
3. Mental depression
4. Sorrow Feeling
5. Consumption of Alchohol
6. Read Pornography
7. vulgur Imagination
1. Be Cheerful.
2. Be positive mind
3. Read holy Boks
4. Engage yourself in work of updating your mind.

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Dear Akash Yoga is just not a Physical is more than is connecting body and mind with soul...If you do Yoga is just a mechanical exercise...which is not much of use.
When you start practicing YOGA and PRANAYAM(breathing exercise)you are automatically keeping your mental health fit.
It keeps our mind calm...and you are more aware of yourself.

bonya basu | Mon, 12/13/2010 - 08:51
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Positive thinking or negative suppression

Since when it is possible to control our worries, sorrow, tensions? And above all: Since when one in depression can eliminate his depression by will? If it was possible I guess the world would have been much different.

Isn't what you suggest actually to suppress our negative feelings, to bring them to the subconsciousness where they will be more powerful? These do not disappear just like that, they just hide.

The effective way is not to fight them or try to control them which is worthless, the way is to observe them and accept them and then a magic happens: they are there or they are not but you don't mind them anymore because once you observe them and accept them they do not affect you anymore.

suzi | Mon, 12/13/2010 - 18:15