Ignorance and Sorrow

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For whom does the question about ignorance arise? Neither does the question arise to the enlightened nor to the one who is satisfied with his ignorance. Therefore, discontent is the key. Yet if a person merely seeks fulfilment with temporary remedies his discontent is not a result of insight, even if it be partial, into the nature of sorrow. Perception of sorrow or discontent (partial perception) requires a degree of sensitivity. This sensitivity is not sentimentality but a better awareness of Life .

One could say ignorance is the seed from which arises the trunk of sorrow but this sorrow is not perceived because of the many endeavours to escape from it in the form of branches and tasting of bitter and sweet fruits in the form of pleasure and pain.

To cut the tree of ignorance one needs to perceive its trunk and for that one has to be sensitive and aware of Life as this perception does not require creation of anything new but the freedom from escapades and therefore, restraint of the outwards flowing tendency of mind in seeking pleasure or in sleep of inaction.