Ignorance & Sorrow

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Ignorance and sorrow go together and hence it is necessary to enquire into their nature. I do not want to treat it from a philosophical point of view for it has little use to a man living life in the society and wanting to solve this basic human problem.

So the first requirement would be to view it as a common human heritage rather that a specific problem that one is facing. When we view it as a personal pain the vision is likely to be distorted.

I said that it is our heritage very much like knowledge which is also passed on from generation to generation. So it’s time we defined ignorance before delving into the subject. Is the lack of knowledge Ignorance? I do not know how universe started or how stars are formed or what is the hottest vacation. Would this mean I am Ignorant? Potential for Knowledge being so vast can anyone claim omniscience. That would leave us in a precarious situation for we would then be forever ignorant.

Therefore it would be prudent to divide Knowledge into that which is necessary for functioning in society and knowledge about oneself. The former is imparted by our educational institutions and society but the latter is somewhat hidden from common gaze. Now the reason its hidden is that though Mankind boasts of learning skills of a far superior kind as compared to animals, the fact is the skill is not of a different kind but the ability to imitate better. This is not my fanciful idea but has been demonstrated by experiments.

His ability to learn is limited and had it not been so, the very experiences of life would have lead him to understand the laws that govern his psyche. Is then the lack of knowledge of psychic powers ignorance? Certainly not for like the outer the inner world is vast and to claim omniscience in this field is as impossible a task in this short lifespan especially for a man living in the midst of the chaos & humdrum we call living.

I define "Ignorance as the lack of correct understanding about Ignorance". The contributing or perpetuating factor of Ignorance is lack of the innate ability to "learn" about it. There is no better symbol to characterize it than Sleep.

So the question then is what is "Sleep"? I have written elsewhere something about sleep so all I wish to state at this time is the forgetful nature of man contributes to his slumber. He is not awake enough to see and evaluate his experiences in a correct manner and remember the lessons learnt. This is the main effect & cause of Sorrow. How something can be both the effect and the cause is a philosophical question. For the diehard philosophically bent all I wish to state is that effect cannot be different from the cause.