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Inside and outside are the two divisions that we create arbitrarily. Not only is the boundary between them very illusory as all is perceived in mind (consciousness), the fact is they don't stand in isolation. Body and mind are both as they say intimately related. Hence, if we have realised a certain truth it must show itself in actions. In other words, observing the outward gives me a clue to what is inside. If we were to go into it sufficiently deeply we would realise that need to dive deep in order to study subconscious may be a myth.

Now let us consider some everyday observable things that show up in actions which indicate ignorance viz areas that confuse, confound and complicate our life. One could take three broad divisions of physical body, energetic body and mental body for such an examination. Now at the physical level chief feature is laziness and as a fallout of it sticking to habits. At the energetic body level it is restlessness or impatience. At the mental body level it is lack of awareness.

If I claim to be anywhere close to enlightenment I must watch if I am still prone to laziness and habit patterns or impatient or lacking awareness. If answer to any of them is yes then I need to understand that what I took for realisation was an imitation of actual awareness and it’s called intellectualism.