If You Feel Unhappy in This Moment, Read This

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"If you feel unhappy
in this moment,
if you feel dissatisfied,
then let your attention
sink deep into the sensation
of that unhappiness.

Allow the thoughts,
but do not give them importance,
do not pay any attention to their content.
Do not get involved with reasons.
Let your attention
rest in the allowing of unhappiness.

Find a way to surrender
so deeply into the sensations which
you call unhappiness
that you fall into the source
of that unhappiness.

And the source of that
is unconditional peace.

All experience arises out of
pure consciousness
out of pure peace.

No matter what the experience
you will find the same peace
at the source.

So why try and change the experience?

Outer experience by its own nature
is always moving & changing,
so allow it.

Allow it completely.
Let your attention rest so
deeply into your experience in this moment
that you come to pure peace.
So that you realize yourself
to be that pure peace.

This is your home.
This is your true nature.
And it is always here.

To try and change your experience
in this moment
only closes the doorway
to your essence.
It only closes your heart.

allow it.
Open yourself to it.
And in that pure vulnerable awareness
of what is in this moment,
come to the source of it.

You will find all discontentment
arises from inattention,
from resisting this moment,
from letting your attention get
lost in that which is outside of this moment.

The feeling of unhappiness
is only an invitation
to come back to your true nature;
to surrender everything
back into pure awareness.

Much love,


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