if ONLY thoughts could think

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If only thoughts could think:

If thoughts could think
then they would personify Laughter.
Laughter is the personification of SELF,
because it vanishes all appearances
into it-SELF,
the ONE that thoughts make NONE, NOW.

if thoughts could think then
Physics' “the observer determines the observation”
would be REALLY funny
because it must mean
that all observations are REALLY hallucinations.

Physics' ONLY certainty is its “Uncertainty Principle,”
that makes everything in the universe certain
to be really really funny.

If thoughts could think
then the Speed of Light
would be really Really REALLY funny
because Light has NO Time to move
let alone speed.

.. but OBVIOUSLY thoughts cannot think
otherwise they would be this Laughter
of the OBVIOUS:
the ONLY One
that Thoughts make NONE: NOW

– really, Really, REALLY