I missed my stop, twice!

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I found myself wandering about town today in a delerium of happiness. My original plan was to go to the pawnshop and rescue a few DVD's, but I ended up missing the stop and going considerably past it, waiting an hour for a bus back. After returning there and paying the money, I took the wrong bus back home, and ended up at the same stop! Another hour's wait.

It was a pleasure. Just to be alive, breathe the late-summer air, smile at folks, chew a stick of gum, and listen to music. Life is a joy, and I have wanted this back since I was widdle enough to reach down a couple inches and touch the ground. And this time, there are no rules. Life is kind, gentle, intimate, vibrant, alive.

This text-format is a dead, dull medium, and I don't enjoy it anymore. Even listening to the purr of the refrigerator motor is more alive, more real, more *spiritual* than this. So why do I spend my time here, posting stuff? Because I care about you, and want you happy too. I want you to meet my eyes and smile back at me, should I meet you on the street. I want you to come up to me, take my hand and walk down the street with me, and I want it to be OK for me to do that with you, too. That's all.