I Love My Self

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When I say I Love my Self I do not not mean something transcendental and universal but my personal sense of Self which is my God. I must explain further what I mean by this.

My personal sense of Self is my Consciousness which is the all powerful root of my Being. It is from this root that the tree of my Life blossoms. Now this root Consciousness or sense of I puts forth three of its deputies as my guardian angels viz, Awareness, Conscience and Ease. These three are passive and do not actively interfere in my day to day life of this world. They are as a mirror and help in formation of the three active poles of my personality viz, my self concept, my moral footings and disposition to activity.

Being passive Awareness and Conscience get covered by concepts and emotional contradictions. The covering could be heavy which Gita compares to the covering of the foetus by the womb or medium like smoke covering the fire or light like the mirror covered by dust. Thus our innate intelligence is not available to us.

The purpose of my life is to see that concepts and contradictions do not come in the way of letting my innate intelligence which is both awareness and conscience guide me through life. Since these two parents of mine my father and mother are perfect I trust them and Love my Self for Deputing them as my Guarding angels.