I have left the notingness

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I have left the nothingness’ behind, walking further beyond time and space. The though is arising from nowhere, and the returning to the source has become the creative walk within. Like flowers newly borne, like a butterflies flight, high and low, never resting, always moving.

The stillness has arisen in the thought, but yet to be found someplace, like a study of unexplored evolution, a history within the thought, yet so profound, yet so vague – always looking for the positive outcome, no longer bonded to the rope that tided down my view from my sacred space.
Playing with colours, like a flight of a bird, sometimes yellow, sometimes blue, the pleasure arise from the heart someplace, like a small lucky chain of bubble resting in the nest, when the thought made it aware and awake. Would never believe the small purity of the unspoken, not yet even thought who has not been thinking, yet to see, some more to learn and explore.

Where does they come from, those profound words of knowledge and wisdom, the process is not rational, nor are they understandable, beyond the universe of mystery, they linger a while, difficult to get it out, like a hidden truth in the sacred space within the soul someplace.
Believed in noting, and left it all, was empty like a satisfied good night sleep, but so I sought and found it easy, nor do I understand this with the common intellect, nor do I know if I need to understand, just exploring and growing is enough, but just to be, and live and walk, my self is in front of me, I do not now where it is going, but I obey by follow the light shimmer of something who has to be revealed.

The unity within, nor a religion, but simply stating the truth, and listening to my own speaking, believes it’s me saying something. Participating in a community of unknown souls but so much beauty they shear and give from the simple present, have give me more than any could believe, yet to se my own inner self to discover the sacred of the heart.

The true core, and the language so familiar, but though so strange, lived daily like my inner me is manifesting some statement outside from the soul itself, Expression of the hearts desire, and the daily social activities, is beyond the fragile friendship of all these souls out there. My sense and the potency of direction, I am leaving it all. Like I never had noting, just my body who is me must be an illusion, or do I get insane. Left it all.

Human is suffering, and when all has woke up, the hole is a illusion, and the existence is just a play from above, we choose this suffering, it has to be a choose, weather of enjoyment or some more profound, but yet it is e phenomenal theory of our existence. The divine, the higher self has spoken, and all, you and I have to face the trouble yet to come, but nobody is listening to there inner self, or some might do, but they are far away from be awaken of the illusion of something larger than life. So wake up your sleepy soul, see, and listen to your inner self.
These magical word peace, love and light, are all there is, and you and I is all there is, we are union together but we are all unlike. So let us stand up and face the world, let us work together on this path, towards tomorrows who has to be revealed, but our children deserve a better place, and we as intellectual humans being should use all we posses’ of the love each human has, they are all love, so why make it so difficult. Love is all there is.

Be faithful towards your souls, but make sure it is your soul speaking. The path is becoming long for the seeker, and suffering is part of the walk. You are not alone. Seek the stillness, and be kind towards all living ting including you.

Your true self arise like phoenix, you travel and leave behind it all, empty, from nothing to non-existence. Live while you walk, the path can be lonesome, but never lonely as you have yourself.

The silence around you is understanding from likeminded souls, and embraces it all, embrace your true self. I surrender and give my self to my soul, like loved ones aches for the beloved. The true love, the infinity love, your love, beloved soul.

Love and blessings, monijane