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In the beginning my Father said"let there be Light"and there was & I my brothers and sisters came to be & we were that light,Individual Atoms of light & consciousness in the Image of our Father.
Our Father spoke to us and said"I am going to creat a Universe & would like all of you to help me and become part of it".
Then we heard a sound, and it was His sound and that sound was OM(AUM)and we felt its vibrations, as we watched we saw other Atoms move with the vibrations and come together as one giant mass after another.
These He said"these will be known as solar systems and in them you will have Suns and Moons and Planets to live on and all you need the, planet will provide, but do not take more than you need".You will become many different forms and be known by many different names, but remember you will always be part of me.
Some of you will remain here with me and become Guides and Teachers and will also be known by different names, but remember you are also part of me.
The solar systems were many,as were moons and suns which burned brightly and became known as stars, the planets or worlds;there were even more of them.To enter a solar system and choose a planet you will need to match the vibriation of that planet and become a solid like that planet and together you can create a place to dwell,a world where you can exist in harmony with each other.
Our Father said"with my energy I have created all of this and all of you,My energy is called Shakti and hence forth shall be known as Divine Mother, she will be in everything as I am and she will care for you,Love you and sustain you as I do".
Our Father said"all that you do,all that you create, all that you are,should be in harmony with me.So you know how things should be done,I shall give to you all "YOGA the way of being in Union with your Father and this shal be in your heart always".
First He taught us Jnana yoga,the yoga of knowledge and it was good we had knowledge because we could think of all the things that needed to be done and how it should be done in Harmony.
Second He taught us Karma yoga the yoga of action,He said"knowledge is good, but without action it is useless,you must put your knowledge into actions or you will achieve nothing and it will become wasted energy.The fruits of your actions you should offer to me and make all your actions good actions. If you do not offer the fruits of oyur actions to me you shall take birth over and over until the fruits of your actions are burnt up and not always as a human.Because the law of Karma is you will reap what you sow,what you give out you shall receive back?Only you will be responsible for your actions,so only you shall reap the rewards good or bad.
Third He taught us Bhakti yoga,the yoga of Love and Devotion.He said"action is good but without love and devotion in your actions,they will be only empty movements.have Love and Devotion towards everyone and everything,for I am Love its self and I dwell in everything and everything is in Me.Hold this love in your hearts always because that is where you will find Me.
Forth He taught us Dhyana yoga the yoga of meditation.He said"with this yoga whenever you are troubled and in need of Me and My help, you must sit with your back straight,head up,control your breathing, focus the mind, empty it of all other thoughts except of me,concentrate on your heart and with love and devotion go into your heart where I will be there to guide and help you.
So we went out into the universe Billions upon Billions upon Billions of Lights(souls as we became known),with our Devine Mothers help to aid in our Fathers creation.
Life came to the worlds,soon there was life on hundreds and thousands of planets, we became so immersed in what we were doing we forgot we were of the father; we were not solid form but light,His Light.
Our Father who is Eternal Love saw we were forgetting our true nature so He sent those that had remained behind as teachers & guides to remind us of who we are and where we came from.When they came they saw we were acting without the yoga our Father had given us,so they began to teach us again & remind us of our true self.Some of us began to worship Devine mother as nature as she is everywhere and in all.
Some of us built temples for our Father and Mother to dwell in because we had forgotten that they are always in our hearts.Some ous had forgotten that we are brother & sisters, just in different forms,all form the one father and Devine mother, all entitled to their Love,all part of them & their creation working together as ONE for everyones benifit not just our own.When we gave up the forms we,at its end time,("death"of the form as it's become known,because we eternalas the Father is)we returned to Light for a short time,some longer than others,not always did we go back to the same solar system.But we never remembered the last form we were or which world we came from.The great teachers which came to be known as Gurus who were always One with our Father,His Light shining through their form,His Love flowing from their hearts, their eyes ever fixed on Him,had said this was so we could focus on the here and now,learning of the unionwe once had with our Father,fillingour empty cups with His yoga, becoming like them as we once were,immersed in His Love and Light.
I have seen my Father as lots of things,not everything,but lots,birds,fish,animals,trees,plants,flowers,man,woman.Even insects,but I, who think I am the body did not recongnise Him in all of them,with all these His forms,His wonders and Glory made of Him by Him, I still could not see Him.I prayed to Him grant me thy Devine eye O'Father that I may see Thou Art That & I am but a part of You.When I meditated,controlling my breath,stilling my mind and I looked into my heart,I heard my Father and asked"where have you been?"He replied"my child I never left you for a moment you got lost in your dream it was only when you awoke that you realised I am with you & always will be.