I found Freedom!

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Phroggy, Omkarradatta,

I found freedom. The catalyst was a post on this forum responding to my question about how to accept negative emotions. She, like many others, said to accept whatever is. Then, like many others, pointed out that I think and analyze too much. Then she went on to suggest that I should quit (stop thinking and analyzing too much). This apparent contradiction in here words was the catalyst I needed.

Now I know, am AWARE, conscious of the fact, that I think and analyze too much (like I'm doing right now), and I also know and am AWARE that negative emotions are a pain, and on top of that, I now realize, and am AWARE, that I make that pain worse by hating it. But you know what "AHA" came today? I don't need to change a darn thing! I can analyze and think all I want. Becuase that is what is. I don't have to try to stop resisting pain, because resisting pain is what is. I can be mad about being mad. It's okay to be upset about being upset.

Its "ALL" okay! I don't have to change anyway. The only thing I had to do, was be aware of all my foibles, and then, go on doing them, if that is what I do.

Nothing needs to change!

BOO YAH! I have the freedom to BE ...whatever. Even an ass, so long as I know I'm an ass so, I can enjoy being an ass. Or...whatever.