I fold

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I just know that I want you to be happy
in all my sadness and deep pain
I know that I just want the best for you
to let you go free and run like a wild horse
to grow like wild flowers
and sour like the wind

I planted you, I created you
and in this creation, in my manifestation
of you, I sacrificed my magic
so that you could be here
so that I could see, what it's like
to be touched by an angel in flesh & bone

and now my faerie dust has gone
to the stars, no longer to be held
by these hands, in mortal form
no longer to mold and create
as I see fit

I let it go, to kiss the sweetness
of how life can be as a spirit
living in a human body
feeling the feelings
thinking the thoughts

walking in this body, in this mind
searching and wandering
with an open heart but a shattered soul
asking for forgiveness
and praying that I evolve

with love and light
with courage and drive
with passion and wisdom
I fold