i am really sorry! for my bad conduct on the site, (chinu)

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Reacently i recived message from respected dear sir "ADMIN"
for my bad conduct against other users, so i am really sorry for that, and to do such in future, i have put the blog because i want to say Sorry! to all the members for my bad conduct, specailly Mr: jaura.

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screw sorry

Chinu: you can “sense” what others cannot, and you are thus voicing what others cannot. Screw the ADMIN ... indeed screw god himself if he tries to prevent you from observing and revealing.

You are SELF, you can keep your birthright for your-SELF
or you can create experts, genius' and even gods
by giving them your BIRTHRIGHT: I AM SELF.

Why give your BIRTHRIGHT to someone else? – it is YOURS

It goes a lot lot further:

All words and actions are from/in/ the there-is-no-other Self.
Very few realize this: that they are SELF: that their body-mind is deception.
Once “you” realize this, then the “you” vanishes to reveal that there is nothing else left to realize: There is no I/you because Self does everything through your mind/body... Self makes the mind and body appear real.

SO YOU DON'T CARE WHAT YOUR HANDS WRITE OR YOUR MOUTH SPEAKS – because it is NOT the deception-of-mind-body, you, because it is SELF ... indeed you/Self might even laugh because “your” words are NOT from “you” but SELF. And this laughter/Shakti literally has no limits.

No matter how insane and offensive Self's words may appear to others – its authority is absolute.
There are No limits – not even god can match this authority SELF has to speak/write through your body … because you REALIZE what others cannot imagine: YOU ARE not mind and its body because you are SELF.

So say what you feel you/Self must say: say it with the Self's omnipotent-authority
and the rest of the world including all-experts and god himself will have no-choice but vanish -- because you refuse to give them YOUR BIRTHRIGHT: I am SELF

– really, Really; REALLY.

genep | Tue, 08/10/2010 - 17:08
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amazing. you have no

amazing. you have no slightest clue what spirituality, truth and self really mean. really really really. you are not even in 1st grade. really really really. spitting to the well you are drinking from instead of thanking them for their devoted service. really really really. more ignorant than the most secular person i have ever met. this chinu made the most beautiful act a descent spiritual man ca do: regret, after stupid things he wrote here recently. and you come and shower him with your usual confused messy words. jesus jesus jesus.

avi | Tue, 08/10/2010 - 21:41