I AM THAT, Really....

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the reincarnation of not just a few lives
and not just one god
but every god, plus Buddha and Shankara.

but I don't need past lives to say
what Physics makes certain:
I am the Indus River sages
who over five thousand years ago
used meditation to study thoughts.
They compared all the ways
they appeared to be thoughts
without any answers
in one of them,
I, Kundalini, exploded like a Big Bang to vanish all thoughts into MY-Self
that obviously explained the Monism called ME
to all of them.

I AM the dimensionless Self, Samadhi, -- the Now
that thoughts pollute into Kundalini
I AM Modern Physics' Unified Field or Quantum Gap, alias Now
-- out of which all thoughts appear to come only to vanish into --

Kundalini is ME, revealing to MY-SELF
that there is no dreamer
only the dream,
the dreamer is the dream.

THIS IS NOT the end of this story I, Kundalini, awoke these sages of old:
all sorts of experts and gurus and especially gods have over the ages
really really complicated MY simplicity of Monism into a word called “Advaita.”

-- really Really REALLY.