I Am and Can Only Be...

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Anything I've written in journals or elsewhere about "I am this" or "I want to be this" is bullshit.
I am, and can only be, that which I am at any given moment. And as each moment unfolds into the next, and the next, forever - I am never just "this" that I am at any moment.
Such a concept is ludicrous, and seems I can see where such can contribute to stress and unease. For instance, to construct a plan of such, particular exercise and/or diet or spiritual practice each day, exacts stress on one. Consider: It's an always-in-the-back-of-the-mind sort of thing throughout waking hours.
Silly. Drop it.
The ONLY constant in life is change. Therefore do we change every day - heck, from moment to moment. Just the way it works. To resist is futile and toxic.
Though it's an old expression, it is for sure and forever true:
"Go With The Flow."

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Natural letting go

A constant letting go happens from moment to moment...very much like the natural in and out breath.


MAI | Thu, 07/18/2013 - 07:07
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Drop the attachment to plans, not the plans

You overlook the fact that in most cases our plans are fulfill. I'm planning to eat breakfast, to go to the doctor, to wash my kid and all these plans are materializing as I plan them.

I think that the wisdom is not to drop planning, otherwise we will not be able to function in this plane. The wisdom is not to be attached to your plans, if they succeed okay, if they fail okay. And with the attachment also go the stress and the uneasiness.

sonti | Thu, 07/18/2013 - 08:30
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He, your Satguru

He is gorgeous. Don't worry about him. I pray he is not eaten by the chillum smoking sex tantrics who call themselves gurus and such, they are nasty dirty nastiks. Don't even go near the smelly rapist bastards. They are all fake. You are your own guru and he is truth ( in the pic.) You fed him you watered him and treated him kindly, you gave him a home where ever you went. And God protected you in him and sent you home safely. You will never have more love and fruitfulness for your kind deeds than in the loving animals in India. I have many like him deserving heaven is my straight answer. Not, 'there is not room for all of us in the country.' 'Or they eat our babies and children because we are so greedy with our money to give him a morsal.' Christ had one. The incarnate protector of humans and their children. He is not appreciated hence the rapes and child abuse in India. Remember he is a saint. A victim incriminated for an excuse to abuse, neglect and kill. If they kill them off they kill themselves too inside too into the hands of the evil one. But his fate is with God.

Isha | Mon, 07/22/2013 - 16:43
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What this confused

What this confused combination of sentences about some kind of a guru has anything to do with what she wrote?

sharonk | Tue, 07/23/2013 - 07:02