I am alive...finally!

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It struck me recently when I saw my little 2 year old nephew peering over the top of the dinner table that his eyes are alive, they are living cells and whilst I knew this on an intellectual level I had never really appreciated that deeply before, that each part of us is life, is alive, yet we’re stuck in our minds alone. With just that voice. We don’t see the flowers of our eyes, the petals of the lids, the grass of our skin.

How much we deny ourselves in living alone in our heads. I was then minded of a time I spent in a Buddhist monastery, Plum Village (in France), when I was contemplating my trachea and how wondrous a structure it is, which grew out of Life, of it’s own accord, with no direction from my mind or what I consider to be myself - my ego had nothing to do with it. It was conscious of itself yet beautifully still, simply carrying out its task - it was a perfectly formed tube which functioned in an utterly amazing way. And yet I have no idea where it or I came from.

In a way it's good that such thoughts can be fleeting as they truly blow one's mind...but in a good way ; )


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There is something happening here...

"There is something bigger going on, and that bigger thing is the "unknown." And in that sense, you are vaster, deeper, higher, more than maybe you have ever imagined before. Just see if you can feel that. See if you can plug into how you are the unknown. Outside you, inside you, around you, above you, below you—it is all the unknown.

Like the fish in the water. But the fish is the water, not just in the water. And this is not bad news. It is just coming more directly into contact, just understanding more completely, what is already the case. What is already, really happening. The good news about it is: It is a relief. You can relax more. You do not have to do so much. You are not responsible for everything you think you are. You do not have to do much of what you think you have to do for much to be the way you want it to be.

That would be like thinking, “Well, I have to make sure I am breathing. And I have to make sure my ears can hear. And I have to make sure my hair stays on my head. And I have to make sure that my feet continue to have five toes on them.” This is all taken care of for you.

In that sense, much more is taken care of for you than we generally recognize. See if you can get that right now. That is the unknown taking care of you."

Premodaya, from a spontaneous discourse

Gilana | Tue, 02/23/2010 - 23:03