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How often do you find yourself responding to the ? “How are you?” with the words “I’m Fine.” It has always bothered me that the expectation is that one will respond positively and never in any depth. It seems to me that most people ask this ? out of habit.
I was reading a book by Louise Penny, a mystery novel and in it one of the characters wrote a poetry book entitled: I’m FINE… When asked why she used capital letters she responded by saying “It means I am F*cked up, Insecure , Neurotic and Egotistical!” AHHH- now that is being honest. This struck my funny bone for there are times when I have been all these things and never would I say that I was to anyone.
It is really too bad that we do not feel comfortable being honest when asked a ? about how we feel. After reading this explanation I received a phone call and when asked “How are you?” I had to stifle my chuckle and I responded Oh I am fine just fine. So if you hear a laugh when you ask me how I am it is because I will be thinking of this interpretation of “I’m FINE!”
Below are some articles that speak to being JOYFUL and Honest. Both of these are part of the Safeties protocols of the KAS1 program that chrism offers.
I am so FINE>>>