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Definition of hypocrite:
1. Who talks and persuades others to listen to him when he listened to none.
2. Who becomes Guru for others when he serves/has served no Guru.
3. Who accepts the service of others when he himself serves none.
4. Who recites and quotes from the scriptures but has not reached the state mentioned in the scriptures.
5. Who hanker after pleasures but preaches others to renounce them.
6. Who asks for money, donations and charity but boasts of having attained enlightenment or self-realization.
7. Who repeats the words of saints and sages but do not put their teachings in practice.
8. Who does not take care of parents and runs away from family responsibilities.
9. Who claims himself or herself God or Goddess.
10. Who claims himself or herself an incarnation of God or Goddess.
11. Who claims himself reincarnation of some well known saint or a sage.
12. Who boasts of educational qualifications given by universities and governments and tries for the same even after claiming oneself attained enlightenment.
13. Who wears saffron robes on his own.
14. Who boasts of titles of swami, sadhu, Satguru, Guru, etc. on his own or says given to him by his followers, disciples or by people.

Hope this will help the sincere and genuine seekers of truth in their search for truth. It is enough to judge who are fake Gurus in the profiles of Gurus in Guru's Feet.com
Only the wise can swallow truth.

Hari Om!