Humility reveals Divinity

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Shri Shri Nimishananda

A man with a radiant face walked into the outer court of the Mahavishnu Temple. His eyes were soft and benevolent and his smile exuded bliss. When he entered, there was a long queue before the shrine. Hundreds of devotees had come to have a darshan of Lord Narayana on this auspicious festival day. The man walked to the end of the line and stood there. More people joined the queue. When the man was almost at the door of the shrine, he went back to the end of the line. Each time he reached the door, instead of going in, he would return to the tail end and begin all over again.

A devotee who was watching was extremely puzzled and said – “You will never have a darshan of the Lord if you go on doing this. The Temple will close soon.” The man smiled and replied – “Sir, you are going inside to see one Narayana. I’m standing outside to see thousands of Narayanas. I see Him in each one of you.” THIS IS TRUE AWARENESS. Most of us see Divinity only in Deities and Gurus. We are ready to bow down to them, but how many of us see God in our fellow beings?

The scriptures tell us that to develop pure love towards God we need awareness. To cultivate an awareness of how to relate to Divinity we need humbleness. Only then can the blending of our Soul (Atma) with the Supreme Soul (Paramatma) take place. If we want to blend, we must learn to bend. We must be as humble as a blade of grass. Men trim the grass when it grows too tall. Animals eat the grass and prevent its growth. People trample it, sit on it and lie on it. The blade of grass is happy to be useful to everybody. Never once does it sigh, protest or get angry. Such should be our humility. Our inner strength, however, should be like the trunk of a gigantic tree. Our resolve to be humble and helpful should be as firm and unshakeable as a tree trunk which remains upright even in the most violent storm.

Each one of us is a bundle of activated, divine energy. We are powerhouses of limitless abundance. We are reflections of God Himself. We have all the strengths that God has. We are truly extraordinary. Unfortunately, our Ego does not allow us to express or experience this core of divinity. God is right inside us, but we are looking for Him everywhere outside. We have locked the door and lost the key. Humility is the key that that opens the door to Divinity. When we become as humble as a blade of grass, like the man in the story, we will see God in all beings.

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wow this is such a beautiful story

wow this is such a beautiful story.

For a long time I wondered why to be humble, is it society that induced in us this value or maybe it has special benefits. I always regarded this trait suspiciously while on the other hand felt very good and peaceful when was humble. I feel that this beautiful allegory of the man in the line gives the answer. Through humility you see more and deeper especially into others, their essence, the magic, the spirit, the Godhood inside everything. By humility some of your sight and attention is redirected outside rather than to "me me me".


carlito santo | Wed, 01/13/2010 - 07:20