How to Witness the Mind in Meditation

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"The first step
in witnessing the mind
is to feel.

Close your eyes
and bring your focus
on feeling the sensations
in this moment
without defining them.

Whatever sensations
that you notice,
allow yourself to feel them.

Do this now.

Now, from this point
of feeling,
feel your entire being.

Feel the sensation
of existing in this moment.

Let yourself fully rest
in this sensation of existing.

Relax into it.

Allow breathing to happen,
allow thinking to happen
but let your attention rest
on feeling yourself existing.

If you do this,

you will notice
that this feeling of existing
does not have boundaries
and does not have a form.

It includes everything.

Everything that arises
arises out of this
feeling of being.

Nothing needs to be included
or excluded
because it all arises
out of this same feeling
of existence.

And this feeling of existence
is conscious.

You cannot separate
and existence.

And the more you rest in this feeling,
the more subtle and expansive it gets.

You can begin to watch
thoughts arise and disappear
in this consciousness.

You do not need to interpret them.

They are like books arising.

You do not need to open the book
and see what is inside,
you simply see it as a book
and let it go.

In this you can begin to experience
the thoughts arising as energy.

Energy arising in energy
and disappearing back into
the same formless
conscious energy.

Energy moving
through energy.

Very blissful.



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