How will one live?

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Poster: "Suffering is only in the resistance, and so if you have become a "hollow bamboo" there is no resistance and you are not suffering. Humans do not want to be hollow bamboo."

Respondee: Or actually they can't, If they need to earn a living.

* * *

How does needing to earn a living prevent anything?

One can be the eye of the hurricane anywhere. One can embody "Peace" right in the midst of war, on the battlefield itself. Look at Ghandi.

How will one live?

Will one be an inspiration to one's fellow man,

Or will one live and die, watching TV, consuming material goods, arguing with others, being depressed, feeling despair --

That nothing can change, that we are condemned to be who we are,

How we are,

Where we are?

Does one have the courage to open to reality?

To accept that all there is, is change?

That one is this change itself?

Will one live and die clinging to a position,

To a specific set of circumstances and conditions,

Or will one, at last, live really?

Have the courage to face change,


The inability to hold onto anything,

And be willing to embody this change,

Accept this change,

BE this change?