How to Truly Be Present in Meditation

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"The one thing
that keeps you from
being present
is your mind,

and that is to say
your identification with thinking.

To be present,
you stop being identified with thinking
and experience what is here.

The irony is
most people are busy
acquiring more and more knowledge
about how to be present
where in fact,
in order to be present
you have to give up all knowledge.

If you are fully present,
you know nothing.

If you know something
in this moment,
you are not fully present.

Try it now.

Close your eyes,
and allow yourself to experience
what is here beyond thought.

Automatically there is peace,
everything is taken care of,
everything is perfect.

But then then the thought arises
'is this it?'
'isn't there more?'
and again you leave this moment
in search of yourself.

In search of
what is always here
if are willing to let go of the mind
and be still.

It is not about getting somewhere.

You are not on a journey.

If you are present,
there is no going anywhere,
the journey comes to you.



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Being present vs. being

It reminds a previous post here in and

It is important to make the difference between "being present" and "being".

Being present is when are consciousness is in the here and now OF THE BODY and not in the thoughts ("there and then") - our usual state is to be in the thoughts while our activity is governed by our automatic reactions patterns.

Being, on the other hand, is when one is a subject without objects, he is just without any observation, activity both passive and active. When one reaches being (e.g. through Ramana's Self Enquiry) he realizes that this being is NOT here and now, it is not anywhere.

Being present leads to being. When you reach the state of being, you step into the paranormal. When you reach the state of being, you experience oneness, you are a point in no dimension and everything is this point.

suzi | Tue, 12/08/2009 - 15:31
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"Being present leads to being."

I agree.

Very good posts. I used to wonder if being present was Being. Now I see being present as a doorway, or a stepping stone that can lead to Being. I can be Present several times throughout the day, through cognitive centering...feeling each footstep as I walk, or the feel of the water while showering, or any focus on inner body awareness, and this present moment awareness lasts a very short time (1 second, ore less) before I am caught up in thinking again. And days events go well to the extent that I can remain present moment aware. That's why I do it.

But I don't think I have ever exeperienced "Being." Not to my cognitize knowledge, anyway.

And in homage to the original post above, I fully agree, about knowledge, and more knowledge. That's why I cut back in my spiritual reading. I used to read two books per week. Now it's time to just...

...feel each footstep while walking. The rest is thought.

Quantum | Fri, 02/19/2010 - 12:03