How True Spritual Masters Shows Their "Supernatural" Powers,

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yes how one true spritual master shows his supernatural power, just remember one thing that this whole universe is the game of god, when one true spritual master reaches at the highest peak of his meditation, than their is no difference between god & him, as the drop turnes into a sea, now the god's game becomes his game, now the question is that, do one spritual master shows his supernatural powers, yes one spritual master shows his supernatural powers, he only shows his supernatural powers to those persons or spirits who are thirsty for the enlightenment or god, they can only walk on this hard path of sprituality, he dose'nt ever waste his time to show a circus, he only help to those peoples who seriously or heartly wants to walk on the path of sprituality with all their efforts,

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No show business by true person.

True people having lots of quality by grace of God which make them diffrent from other. They are not doing any propaganda or giving any funda or behind any kind of fame. They list bother about world except truth.They are able to know the vibration of people before making relation to any as they have high intuition than common people.

Trilok | Sat, 07/31/2010 - 03:59