How to Transcend Levels of Consciousness

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"Meditation is all about moving
beyond inner conflict.

If you relax the urge
to try and control or change
what is in this moment
while remaining completely present,
then conflict ceases,
and there is no stress.

If there is no stress,
moves beyond that
level of experience.

If you relax your mind completely,
you relax right through it.

Same with the body.
You relax the body
you pass beyond it.

You relax the emotions
you pass beyond them.

You relax everything
and you move beyond everything.

You dissolve
into the stillness underneath it.
The peace underneath it.

It requires detachment.

You cannot relax anything
you are attached to.

Whatever you are attached to
that becomes your world.

So first, you relax the attachment
and you move beyond the attachment.

In this way
you free yourself from all
levels of experience
until you rest in and as
consciousness itself.



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Trying to relax is a type of control

You say meditation is about releasing control and then you advise to relax the mind and so on... Trying to relax is yet another type of control...

Instead, why not accept the stress and observe it... Let the stress be... when you accept it and observe it, it is still there but it does not affect you anymore...

angel76 | Sat, 11/20/2010 - 09:09