How to Transcend Ego in Meditation

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"If you practice being present in meditation,
you will find even beyond the thinking
that there is this reflexive urge
to separate yourself from this moment.

It is almost like two magnets
that repel each other with all of
their strength.

This is the ego.

You could even define the ego
as the action of separation
from this moment.

Because if you are fully present
in this moment,
there is no ego.

There is no sense
of "me."

There is still awareness
but all inclusive awareness.

There is nothing separate from it.

You can experience this
at any time.

Try this now.

Close your eyes
and let yourself
fully relax into this moment.

To fully immerse yourself
in what is here and now
beyond the mind
without commentary,
without definitions or descriptions,
without using the mind at all.

To let go into this moment
to where there is only attention left.

If I was to try to put it into words
I would say that you feel this moment
as subtle sensation,
but you go even deeper than that.

If you practice this,
you can learn to
let go of this tendency
to repel this moment
and then remain
fully present in this moment
as this moment itself
for longer and longer periods.

There can be no mind involved,
that is the tricky part.

To be courageous enough
to leave the mind behind
and experience the essence
of all experience.

That which cannot be
described or defined.

You can't look
to get anything from it
rather it is giving everything
to this moment
and experiencing what is left.

The mind would call
it 'nothing.'

So experience
that nothing.

Be fully immersed
and aware
in nothing.



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