How to Strenthen Your Awareness in Meditation

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"As you start to grow in awareness in meditation,
it is like you have all of these rubber bands attached to thoughts.

You are present, and then you are pulled back into thoughts.
You move back into awareness,
and then you are pulled back into thoughts.

But every time you rest back into awareness,
those rubber bands start to burn away.
Your attachments that pull you back into thinking
dissolve in awareness.

And as you progress in this way,
you have longer and longer periods
where you are just resting in awareness.

Not because you are holding on to awareness,
but because those attachments to thoughts have dissolved,
those rubber bands have gone
leaving only pure awareness, pure attention.

It feels pure, clear, radiantly blissful.

Not because you have reached some higher level of mind
but because you have come back into your natural state of awareness.

There is no concentration in it.
It is just relaxing in your natural state.

This natural state is prior to your identification
with be a separate person.

So all the identifications of who you think you are
will be shaken.

All of the comfortable limitations that you call you
get taken away from you.

And if you can surrender when this happens
what will be left is pure awareness, pure peace.

Much love,


Kip is the Creator of Shaktipat Meditation Music

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