How to solve problems?

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It won't be out of place to mention that almost every person is surrounded with one or other problem in the life. We are responsible for those problems to the extent of 95%, which we ourselves create and remaining problems smash our lives for which we are not responsible. Such 5% problems may be due to others e.g. enemy, improper Vaastu, bonded or un-freed Mrutatma (manes) and at last - not the least, not adhering to the provisions of spirituality resulting in weak Atmashakti.

There are provisions in the 'Swami Hardas Life System' invented by Dr Swami Hardas to solve these kind of problems independently and effectively for which, one has to undergo training of this unique concept.

Out of the above factors, the most challenging and interesting is that 'manes' or Mrutatma / Pretatma. Based on the science, it is known fact that our body has 3 kinds of liquids i.e. ether, actoplasm and Ishwar (God), out of which, two have been proved by the scientists except Ishwar. The actoplasm is such a liquid, which is transparent, shapeless and can transform into any shape. Its being important for the practitioners of Tantra, they try to get it when a person dies, which is quite beneficial for their Sadhana or the completion of work of their interest and benefits. When a Tantrik succeeds in capturing this liquid, it is quite difficult for that Mrutatma to get freed. Such and other manes do trouble their relatives so that one or other day they will try for his freedom. This way the troubled relatives one or other day come to know about 'Pitrumukti Siddha Mahayagya' and free them. Thereafter problems start reducing and get completely solved by accompany of few Sadhana / observing few fast etc and make own life glorious.

Such Vidhis are carried out for the benefits of the troubled people in Siddha Mandir, S. No. 50/7, Shaktidata, Siddha Nagar, Old Mundhawa Road, Wadgaonsheri, Pune. People can avail the benefits accordingly for making own life glorious.

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