How to recognize the mind's tricks

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That part in you
that tricks you into eating
when you smoke Marijuana
is the same part
that tricks you
in other times and matters.
We call it mind.
It needs just to ignite the chain reaction,
knowing that what starts you cannot stop.

So just make sure you don't start
things that should be stopped.
It's all you need to do -
to concentrate forces on avoiding the beginning,
in deciphering the mind's excuses
for doing it,
just once.

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Resisting while accepting, it's not contradictory

It's important to note that while resisting the desire in its very start, one should also accept the desire. This sounds tricky - accepting something and not caving in to it are not contradictory? They are not! You acknowledge the desire, you admit it's existence, you even respect it and its reasons but you don't act upon it.

santana | Wed, 03/12/2014 - 05:59