How to Recognize and Transcend Separation

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"One of the most amazing
realizations you can have
is to realize you are actively
avoiding this moment.

That at the very core of your ego
is that constant reflex
to separate oneself from this moment,
to constantly seek some sort
of mental distraction
that takes you out of feeling
this moment directly.

This repulsion is not happening at
an intellectual level.
It is happening unconsciously.

The ego refuses
to allow attention
to remain in this moment,
to feel this moment.

Because if you fully
allow yourself to feel
this moment
beyond the perception
of thought,

then the the ego,
this separate sense of "me"
that wants to control this moment

You realize your oneness
with this moment.

That what you are
and what is here cannot
be separated.

If you can recognize
this constant urge
to separate yourself
from this moment,

that by identifying
with thinking
you are separating yourself
from feeling what is here,
then automatically
that separation begins to relax.

You begin to learn
to be present
in this moment,
and feel what is here
beyond thought.

You do not need
to hold on to this moment,
for this moment is already here.
You simply need to be conscious of
and let go of this urge to escape
this moment.

You surrender that urge,
you surrender that contraction,
you surrender your involvement
with thinking.

You let go of everything
that can be let go of
and automatically
this moment is left.

And then you really learn to feel it,
to feel life happening in this moment,
to allow it to flow through you unhindered
like wind moving through air.

You can't do it
by turning this into a teaching,
by turning it into knowledge,
you can only do it by honestly recognizing
that urge to escape this moment
and surrendering that urge.



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