How to Realize Unconditional Peace

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"There is this driving force in our western culture
to keep looking forward.
To keep striving for something to happen in the future.
‘If things could be this way, then I will be at peace.’

But even if things turn out the way you want them to,
you will still be left in the same crisis as you were before.
And that is you are resistant to what is in this moment.
This moment frightens you. It’s just not enough.

So you have to keep looking forward,
striving for something to happen.

But when you can allow this moment to be,
no matter how you are in this moment.
You can be lonely, sad, poor,
feel like an utter failure; it doesn’t matter.
If you can allow how you are to be without resistance,
how things are to be without resistance,
without trying to change it,
you will stop this nervous need to move forward
and you will fall into this moment.

And when you fall into this moment,
you fall into the boundless unconditional peace
that makes up everything.
And you will feel nurtured in this peace,
nourished by this peace, fulfilled in this peace.
You will feel yourself as this peace
and everything as this peace.

And then it is not about moving forward.
It is about being completely immersed in
being alive in this moment.

Much love, Kip"

Kip is the Creator of The Kundalini Shakti CDs

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