How to Realize Timelessness in Meditation

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"Most people imagine 'now'
to be a split second in time
between past and future.

But 'now' is not a moment in time,
it is free of time.

Time exists in the mind.
The mind remembers a past
and imagines a future.
It projects time
on to this moment
which is timeless.

It projects a person
on to this moment
which is person-less.

So if you practice being present in meditation,
it is important to realize you are not
holding on to some moment in time,
but rather,
you are letting go of your identification
with the idea of time all together.

In meditation, you're letting go of
all ideas that you have a past,
that you have a future,
that you are a person in time
going somewhere, getting something.

You let go of all mental concepts
to let your attention rest
in what naturally is
in this moment.

And what is
cannot be defined.

It simply is.
It exists unconditionally
beyond cause and effect
beyond time, beyond purpose.

The content of this is-ness
if there is content
is completely irrelevant.

It is that is-ness,
that source of life
that is radiating out of this moment,
radiating out of the timelessness
of now, as now
that should attract all of your attention.

It will permeate attention itself.

Timeless consciousness expands
out on to forever so that
it permeates everything.

It even permeates the mind
and its time based experience.
So that there can be time
and timelessness all at once.

This may sound a bit esoteric to the mind
but it is very simple and easy.

It is about living
in what is naturally here
beyond mental perception.

Because beyond mental perception
there is only now,
there is only timeless consciousness.

And that consciousness
nurtures every part of your being
into pure peace and bliss.

Much love,


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Timelessness in meditation



MAI | Sat, 02/09/2013 - 06:04
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This verse came exactly at

This verse came exactly at the time I started reading The power of Now by Eckhort toley.According to him loss of Now is loss of Being

mbnarayana | Sat, 02/09/2013 - 10:24