How to Realize the Self in Meditation

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"You cannot realize the Self
through the senses.

You cannot taste it, see it,
hear it, smell it
and you cannot touch it.

You have your eyes open.
You see and then label what you see.
'This is my body.'
'This is my computer.'
'I am using my hands
to type on the computer.'

But close your eyes and be still.
From this point of stillness
tell me about your hands.

If you can't see them,
then where and what are they?

You can say that you feel them
resting on your mouse or keyboard.

But what is that feeling?
What is the sensation
that you are calling your hands?

Forget the defining
that they are your hands
and actually experience
what is here beyond the words.

With your eyes closed
forget the defining of your body
and experience what you refer to
as your body.

Not a part of it
but the whole thing.

There is the sensation
that you are here,
but instead of defining it
as a body, as a name,
simply feel it.

Feel the sensation
of what is here.

Feeling without touching.
Feeling without using words.

Here you experience something
that you cannot define,
you cannot accurately describe.

Because what is here
does not have boundaries,
cannot be described by the senses.

But there is an experience of existing.
There is the awareness of existing.

Here, existing and awareness
are one and the same.

This is not something
that you can learn or understand.

You have to close your eyes,
let go of thinking
and experience it.

You will see
it is not a state
that comes and goes.

It is what is always here
whether you give it attention or not.



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This is truly a beautiful and inspiring poem.

I prefer to ignore the footer and so to still feel that you posted it in order to share and assist and not due to commercial motives of promoting the sale of CDs :-))

johnd | Thu, 11/05/2009 - 16:19