How to Realize Perfection in Meditation

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"There is the natural happening
of this moment.

You are not doing this moment.
You are not making this moment

It is just a happening.

In meditation,
if you let go of trying
to control this moment
and simply notice,
you will see this
natural happening of everything.

Thoughts arise, feelings arise,
physical happenings arise.
They all come and go on their own.

They all happen as a natural occurrence
according to their own nature
and the totality of nature itself.

But then the analytical mind
tries to make it unnatural.

A feeling arises the analytical mind
judges as wrong and it tries to change it,
tries to justify it, place importance on it,
tries to push it away or obsess over it.

Out of politeness, greed, fear, attachment
or judgment, that natural happening
gets repressed or manipulated.

And in that there is a separation
from what is naturally happening.
That sense of being a person
separate from everything else is created
and there is conflict.

In the act of separation
there is always conflict.

And so the questions come in
about how to experience something
different than what you are experiencing now.
How to think something different,
feel something different because
the mind knows for sure
that your experience is wrong.

But that is like asking the sun not to shine,
the rain not to fall,
the wind not to blow.

It is all a natural happening.
There is no difference to the outer weather
and your inner weather.

And if you can simply allow,
accept and observe
this natural happening in meditation,
allowing everything to pass by,
then you will fall into
the perfection of this moment.

Your life will flow as
the perfection of this moment.

There is no flaw in it.
What one would call a flaw
is just the natural flow of bliss in this moment.

Why give any importance to what
the mind arrogantly thinks this moment
should be like?

It is a happening.

And if you learn to be
fully attentive to this happening,
in tune with this happening,
surrendered in this happening,
to live every moment in this happening,
then you will experience true perfection.

Not perfection in the sense
of some obsessively controlled experience
but rather the essential divine blissful nature
that is manifesting freely as the natural
happening of this moment.

I am not suggesting
adding an idea of perfection
on top of what is here
but rather discovering the true
nature of this moment
through honesty and awareness
and living in that.

Much love,


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Beautifully put.


MAI | Thu, 01/24/2013 - 03:14
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Thank you, Mai

Thank you, Mai. Much love to you

blissmusic | Wed, 01/30/2013 - 02:54
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I am practicing yoga from

I am practicing yoga from these year only and i am happy that i have found something about it which i can use it during my yoga.

felixleon | Thu, 01/31/2013 - 05:03