How to Realize the No Mind State

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"In meditation
try letting go
of every thought
that arises.

Do not try and push
the thoughts away.
Rather, stop grabbing
hold of them.

Or if you already
have grabbed hold of the thought,
stop holding on to it.

Let it go on its own
and in this way
you can learn to stop
grabbing hold of the thoughts
in the first place.

By doing this,
thoughts will run
their course
like a spinning wheel
that loses its momentum
and may even come to a halt.

When you grab hold of thoughts
you have a position,
you have a fixed point
of reference.

But when you do not
hold on to thoughts at all,
when they can arise
without you ever touching them,
or when they stop on their own,
then you have no position.
You have no fixed point
of reference.

You do not experience
yourself as anything.

There can be no definition,
no perspective.

You cannot say you are here
you cannot say you are not here.
It is a freedom beyond
all understanding.

There is consciousness
but there is no one there
that can claim to be consciousness
or to call it consciousness.

It is pure
and silent.

And when you enter back
into the mind,
some of this purity
and silence
comes back with it
and washes through
your body and mind.

And once you get used
to remaining in this void
of no mind,
you will want to keep
coming back to it.



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You put that so well.
This process happened so spontaneously without a me there to even figure out the how and how not of the process !!!
Spent many tears trying to undersnd with the mind that which was beyond the mind !



MAI | Wed, 04/18/2012 - 02:20
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Yes...Quite true!!!

yes!! When you get the taste of this "NO MIND"...You will often be there...without knowing matter you are in busy place or alone!

bonya basu | Thu, 04/19/2012 - 09:40
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With Maya....

....all around and ego always on the prowl, can it be that simple.

If one can do this in its true spirit with every breath he or she takes; a person can defeat Maya and if the "I" is lost in Gods path it is attaining Nirvana.

It would be like doing the impossible!

At least for a simple person like me lol.

Jai K Garg | Thu, 04/26/2012 - 16:00
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Yes, "No mind", "going beyond mind" etc have been propounded as the way for attaining eternal bliss / nirvana., etc.

But can anyone please guide has to how this can be achieved..a practical method, please.

Whenever I sit for meditation, thoughts galore...and my mind goes haywire. No concentration happens. And worse I get carried away with the thoughts.

Under such circumstances, please guide how to "let go" the thoughts, how "not to grab" thoughts...etc.

These appear to me to be easier said than done.

Please guide me. Any methodology?

subbumurthy | Sun, 04/29/2012 - 13:40