How to Realize Awareness

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"If you are unaware,
you are always seeking

And the nature of
that seeking is stress.

If you are aware,
there is only
the observation
of what is.

And the nature
of that observation
is unconditional peace.

Not that seeking
happiness is wrong.

It is in that seeking
and the canceling out
of everything you find
that does not bring
you lasting happiness
that you come to observation.

If you still think
eating that chocolate chip cookie
will bring you lasting happiness
you will always go for the cookie.

The key is to be aware enough
of your own suffering.

To be aware that after
you eat that cookie,
there is suffering,
there is lacking.

Even in the pleasure
of eating that cookie
there is the feeling
of being incomplete.

You become aware
that you are just momentarily
distracting yourself
from that feeling
of discontentment
by eating that cookie.

If you do not see
that suffering,
the suffering that makes
you constantly seek happiness
then you will never
really give yourself
to spiritual practice.

Whether it is,
repeating a mantra,
self inquiry,
focusing on a guru,
whatever it is you do,
you will not do it completely
until you realize the suffering
that is in everything
when there is no awareness.

The suffering that is

When you realize that,
then you will desperately
do everything
to realize awareness.

You will throw out
everything you know and
think you have accomplished
and do the work
that is personally required of you
to come to awareness.

It maybe a direct
movement of attention
to this moment,
but more likely for it
to be complete,
there will also be practices,
immersion in shakti
through a guru or the Meditation CDs
or both.

And after lots of intense
spiritual practice and purification,
you will naturally
come to the realization
that nothing you do
can every directly deliver to you
the peace that you are looking for,

and you will fall into that peace,
you will fall into
your essential nature
of awareness.

Peace will be your natural state
in which everything else arises.



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seeker and sought...

The seeking is indeed a reflection of internal turmoil.

I would ask my satguru " how much longer do I need to suffer..? " and he'd laugh gently inside me and reply " As long as you want to.."..!!!
So frustrating and infuriating...
But time and time again he would throw me back on my own resources..

It took a while to be rid of the sense of personal doership...a while to accept the pleasant with the not so pleasant..{all duality}and the seeking stopped of its own accord...


I stopped trying to make it what I would like it to be.


MAI | Wed, 05/23/2012 - 07:15