How to Reach 'No Mind' in Meditation

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"No-mind actually comes
through relaxation.

You allow yourself to be
exactly as you are
until you get to the point
where you are as you are,
there is no judgment about it
one way or the other.

And through allowing and relaxing,
that 'you are as you are'
turns into just "you are"
just the feeling of impersonal being.
The content on top of that is-ness
becomes irrelevant.

Now in resting in being,
you allow the thoughts
to be as they are
until they also relax
into just an impersonal
flow of thoughts
where you can simply
witness them.

Again their content
becomes irrelevant.
Thoughts themselves
just become a flow of energy
or may fizzle out altogether.

The key is that allowing
without grabbing hold
of the thoughts.

You get to that place
of not holding on to thoughts,
not holding on to anything.

And in that not holding on to anything
you come to nothing,
just pure awareness,
pure being.

And then you learn to relax
in just being nothing,
in just being consciousness
without anything being added to it.

It is a feeling of resting and sinking
into your natural essence,
where you cannot sink any further
because there is nothing underneath it.

Not because you have
hit a bottom 'place,'
rather you fall into
formlessness consciousness
which has no fixed point of reference.

It really all happens through relaxation,
through surrender.

You can't force yourself
into no-mind.
Any action of trying to do it,
creates a person separate
from pure awareness
trying to get to pure awareness.

More often than not,
you need to practice a meditation technique
like a mantra, japa or self inquiry
until awareness is strong enough
and the grip on thoughts is weak enough
that you can simply relax into formlessness.

Much love,


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