How to Quiet the Mind in Meditation

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"The mind projects stories
on top of this moment.

This moment itself in its essence
is free of stories.

It is through the stories of the mind
that you are this person
in this environment
with these desires, worries etc.

In meditation,
we want to surrender the stories as they arise.
Not push them away or control them in any way,
but just to let them go when we are able.

As we surrender them in this way,
our attention falls past the stories
into that which is story-less,
that which is wordless, formless, always awake.

We all know someone that loves to talk.

They need to say certain things,
get a certain amount of things ‘off their chest’
as we say.

If you engage with them,
they keep talking; they’ll talk forever.

But if you let them talk
while resting in the silence,
all the words disappear back into silence,
back into peace, back into formlessness
without any conflict or stress.

Everything dissolves back into consciousness
so that only consciousness remains,
only formless being remains.

Then we rest deeper and deeper into formlessness
allowing formless consciousness to take over.

Much love,


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