How to purify mind

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As one iron shapes another iron, the pure mind of a person which makes efforts in the virtuous path should correct and mould his impure mind. Mind is unfailingly rendered pure through true, virtuous and pure actions and constant Satsanga (association with the wise). Speaking the truth and practice of humanity with charity are very great purifiers of mind.
Sacrifice, gift, study of the spirituality and speaking the truth Pilgrimage to sacred places is also purifying. You come in contact with holy persons there. You can have good Satsanga.
Charity, Japa, selfless work, Brahmacharya, Sandhya, Tirtha-Yatra, self study , Tapas, Vrata, service of saints-all tend to purify the mind. There will be, doubtless, unalloyed bliss in the mind thus purified.
A Mantra purifies the mind. Mere repetition of a Mantra like a parrot, has very little effect. It has some benefit. It must be repeated with Bhava (feeling). Then it produces wonderful effects. The Mantra, unless inspired with the powerful will-force of one's own mind, cannot produce much effect.
Study of philosophical works, right thinking, exercise of good and noble emotions, prayers and beneficent endeavors and, above all, regular and strenuous meditation are the means to improve the mind. These will bring about the rapid evolution of the mind. When the mind is purified, devotee find peace in mind now he/she can able to do more prayer with great feeling and find better self satisfaction than before.
A goldsmith converts 10 carat gold into 15 carat gold by adding acids and burning it several times in the crucible. Even so, you will have to purify your sensuous mind through concentration and reflection on the words of your spiritual preceptor and the sentences, meditation, Japa or silent repetition of the Name of the Lord, etc.
It takes a long time to purify Harital (yellow oxide of arsenic orpiment). It has to be soaked in cow's urine for seven days, in lime water for ten days and in milk for seven days. Then it has to be burnt out hundred and eight times before a Bhasma or proper oxide (ash) is obtained. Even so, it takes a long time to achieve purity of mind. Severe Tapascharya (austerity) is needed.

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Why purify the mind?

Why purify the mind?

avi | Tue, 08/10/2010 - 04:57
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Why you clean your house , your vehical , your body everyday ? Why you are wearing good dress with applyng sent on it when you are going to meet anybody?

You will find answer of your quarry by giving answer to my question.

Trilok | Tue, 08/10/2010 - 06:27
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If you seat in meditation or any work in your room and feel a bad smell of dead rat in any corner of your room you will not able to concentrate on meditation or any work.
Bad thoughts in your mind have same effect like bad smell of dead rate. so mind is require to purify for better concentration and progress in spiritual path.

Trilok | Tue, 08/10/2010 - 08:22
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very good sir

very good sir,
i really like this very much.

chinu | Tue, 08/10/2010 - 05:26
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Self image

You need to purify your mind to see your true self image, who you really are.In a impure mind the image is not clear, it is blurred.

bonya basu | Sat, 10/16/2010 - 10:30
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"Mind" is the second name of "Vanity" as per holy books.

Basu ji,
I think there is difference between "Mind" & "Brain"
Yes we need to purify our "Brain"
But! "Mind" itself is impurity,
As we deeply study the holy books we will find that "Mind" is the second name of "Vanity",
"Mind" or "Vanity" is the biggest barrier between "Soul" & "God",

jasdir singh jaura | Sun, 10/17/2010 - 09:52