How to overcome worry

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How to overcome worry

Try to enjoy the worry
When worry is inevitable, enjoy it and be wise
Even continued happiness leads to mental worry
Thus happiness and worry must be alternative
If you are worried by the continued happiness
You are worried at the cost of the result of your good effort

Instead of this it is better to get worry at the cost of your sin
Let the sin give some trouble and then you worry out of it
In this way the result of the sin is spent and the not the result of good effort
The loss in your present worry may be compensated in the future
But the time lost in your past worry cannot be compensated
Because the life span of any human being is fixed

Your loss may be compensated by million times in the future
But even one second of your lost time can never be compensated
Therefore, understand this and think about the value of the time
This knowledge of the value of time is called as ‘Kala Janana’
Which means the knowledge of the future that you should know,

Which provides the possibility of the compensation of all the loss
Except the loss of time, therefore, time is the most precious.
You may waste anything that can be again procured in the future,
But never waste the time, which you can never compensate.

There are two ways to escape the mental worry in this world
The first way is by obtaining the peace, which is zero
The second way is by achieving the bliss, which is plus
Worry is minus, peace is zero and bliss is plus
To escape minus, either you should be in zero or in plus

Bliss can be obtained only from the Lord in this world
Since Veda says that the Lord alone is bliss “Anando Brahma”
Veda also says that the Lord alone can give you the bliss
“Esha Hyeva Anandayati” this is quite logical in fact
The water is alone cool and so it alone can give coolness
Whatever is said in the Vedas, it is always logical

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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I think the suggestions in

I think the suggestions in and in are more systematic, simple and thus effective.

sharonk | Wed, 11/26/2008 - 10:37
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Is the systematic really a positive, if we're aimed at eliminating vasanas (unconscious habit patterns i.e. systems)? Do we want to set aside some divided period for meditation, when we're looking for the undivided truth? Or is this desire for systematization perhaps part of the problem?

We cannot or will not be 'one pointed' all the time, we have to do self-enquiry and meditation in yet again another robotic way? Do we do it this way so we don't have to think about it, or do we do it so we CAN think the rest of the time (aside from e.g. 10-11 AM friday morning)?

We don't want to live life actively, alertly -- we want mechanical systems for things. I'm not saying it's bad to pursue some systematized practice, only it's a continuation of the old, not really something new. Thus, I question its effectiveness.

P.S. if anyone wants to say 'just shut up and do it', please suppress the urge. I'm not looking to do anything, including formal meditation, so you know ahead of time - I'm not seeking what you're seeking.

Omkaradatta | Wed, 11/26/2008 - 10:53
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The mind is systematic

The mind is systematic with its tricks so the contra should be also systematic.

Above all, if it is not systematic and simple, the mind will immediately jump on the opportunity and put some unnoticed tricks into it and you will not be able to notice and tackle it.

It is systematic just according to the terminology of the mind, the basic essence is systematic and simple so that the peripheral part of your mind that is doing the dissolution will remember it and follow it accurately. This is the power of Vipassana for example.

And about your ps - I am glad you are starting to be aware of your fear of meditation. Many share this fear but not admit it, they invent a huge gallery of excuses. Embarking on awareness to it is a giant step.

sharonk | Wed, 11/26/2008 - 12:49
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Problems cannot be dissolved at the level at which they form. Mind creates problems with it's bifurcating process and then solves them, but this process is endless as long as mind is inclined to keep creating problems.

So mind defines the problem of suffering and mind develops a systematic solution to the problem, but mind is the cause and so it's solutions only serve to keep mind in a continual loop of problem creation/solution.

The answer to all questions is to dissolve the questions. The question 'How do I fix this?' is misconceived.

Phroggy | Wed, 11/26/2008 - 17:40
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U.G. Krishnamurti was fond of saying that the mind creates problems, but cannot solve them. Problems are mind-made, solutions are in the here/now where they've always been. You might have noticed before that problems tend to 'die out' or 'time out' rather than get solved -- cuz they were never real to begin with, simply a matter of attachment.

Omkaradatta | Wed, 11/26/2008 - 18:03
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Seems to me that mind both creates and solves, and it rather enjoys that movement, but it has to pretend that the problems are objectively real rather than beginning with a thought that something is needed. Furthermore, once the problem is formulated, it DOES become real through that creative focus, and then it can be pointed to as justification for the movement. At that point, it does call for resolution and it's not noticed that it was created, first in the mind, then in one's experience.

This process of problem creation/solution is itself a source of suffering, and so becomes a 'problem' that cannot be resolved through minds pattern of problem/solution, the motivation for which is hidden by nature. It requires a deeper level of clarity that reveals the mind's unconscious processes.

Phroggy | Wed, 11/26/2008 - 19:41
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Second paragraph

I agree with the second paragraph, above. The mind is itself the problem, and has no solution to itself. It simply has to learn this and surrender, not make itself an enemy. Fighting the mind is ridiculous, as it only creates even more problems (which is what the mind wants, of course).

One has to grow weary of problem-creation (the mind's forte'), including thinking being a problem. Worrying endlessly about 'mind tricks' is a mind trick. Suppressing/controlling the mind is yet another. All this stuff keeps the mind busy.

It's interesting how non-spiritual folks who aren't interested in 'controlling the mind' seem to have much less trouble with it, eh? Thinking all the time about the mind is a ridiculous thing.

Observing it closely, watching it constantly is a different matter, as long as we aren't pretentiously watching other people's minds for them.

Omkaradatta | Wed, 11/26/2008 - 20:08
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Yes, and the significance of the discusion is to notice that methods are mind's way of solving a problem that only exists in the mind. For example, the mind decides the problem is that mind thinks too much, which is a problem created in the mind, then it thinks about it and comes up with a method to control the mind. While the mind is controlling the mind, it's happy that it's doing something, accomplishing something, controlling something, but it's just a game. If mind wanted to stop thinking it would simply stop, so clearly it doesn't. The 'solution' is to stop creating the problem, but this doesn't fulfill ego's needs for that movement.

It's the same with suffering. Suffering is mind's insistence that things are not as they should be, which is a mind created problem. Mind wants to find a method or practice that will solve the problem of suffering, but without stopping the creation of the problem. Mind enjoys that movement toward a solution, but it's a scam. The solution is to stop creating the problem.

The same is true of surrender. Instead of stopping the struggle, mind wants a method to bring about surrender. It's a trick. If mind was willing to surrender, it would simply stop struggling.

Phroggy | Wed, 11/26/2008 - 20:54
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Yup... and it's pretty well surrendered here. Guess I should "become aware of" my fear of meditation, so it'll come right on back, eh? ;-).

The notion of not doing meditation seems actually frightening to some folks here, which is kinda weird. I s'pose this is how folks are 'indoctrinated' here: Get ganged up on by other members, then gradually 'become aware of' their fear of meditating, via group-think. Hey, folks, are we creating problems yet to solve?

The biggest problem in spirituality is the lack of problems. It can't be allowed. Spirituality would have to end, eh?

Omkaradatta | Wed, 11/26/2008 - 21:37
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There is, indeed, a strong resistance to the notion that it's very simple and effortless and a matter of allowing the seeking to wind down in utter futility, because then what becomes of ego? Clearly, it bites the big one, eh?

Here's a hint to all of us seekers: Mind/ego already knows that. It's way ahead of 'you'.

Phroggy | Wed, 11/26/2008 - 22:22
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Never allow the worry to enter your heart in difficult times. Wh

Never allow the worry to enter your heart in difficult times. When it knocks the door, shout at it to go away. Don’t open the doors of the mind. If you allow it, it is a thief which steals away your energy. It is like the dog that steals away your food. It is like the cat that steals away your milk. Food is your energy and milk is your courage. When you loose courage and energy tension is created, which is the source of all chronic diseases. Doctors say that the tension raises the level of lactic acid in the blood, which opens all the doors for all the chronic diseases. The physical health is spoiled because the mind and body are related to each other. The illness in the body affects the mind. The tension in the mind affects the body. Such tension results in the loss of memory and loss of intelligence.

In such state you are completely inefficient to plan for the solution. Your body is incapable of executing any plan. The worry cannot solve the problem and moreover it weakens you so that you will become permanently incapable to solve the problem.

Therefore neither should you run away from the life nor should allow the worry to enter your mind. If your realization about the unreality of the cinema, which is this life, continues, instead of worry, you can enjoy the problem in your life, which is as good as a tragic scene in the cinema. You may argue that you are involved in the life and not standing outside the life to be a spectator. This argument is not correct. The answer for your argument is that you can enjoy the tragic scene even if you are involved in it just like an actor acting in a drama.

If you are aware that the drama is unreal and if you are aware that you are only acting the role which is also unreal, you can still enjoy the drama as a spectator of the cinema even though you are involved in it.

Whenever you face difficulties and if you have not realized the unreality of the world (forms and feelings), there are two ways to solve your problem. One way is in natural level and the other way is in super natural level. The nature is the separated power from the Lord, which follows the rules of the logic and is called as Prakruti. The nature is separated because it becomes the separate object to be observed by God who is the spectator. God created this universe to see it for His entertainment. Even if He enters the world as human incarnation the spectatorship and entertainment continues because there is no difference between cinema and drama as far as its unreality is considered. Therefore if your problem is at the level of the nature, try to solve it using your courage and energy without allowing the worry into your mind which steals both these.

If your problem is beyond the level of the nature, then also you cannot solve it by allowing the worry. In such case the super power (Maya) has to enter into this world sent by God. The Maya is never separated from God unlike the Prakruti. Now, only the super power of the God can solve your problem and for this you must concentrate on God. For such concentration also, you need the energy and therefore you should not allow the worry to enter your mind even in this case. For doing concentration on God, you require the congenial atmosphere of real devotees around you. Therefore whenever the problem that requires the super power to interfere enters your life, you have to immediately prevent the entry of the worry into your mind and you have to enter into the association of real devotees so that you can concentrate on God for help.

If you remain in the association of the ordinary human beings, they will magnify the impossibility of the solution and force the worry to enter your mind. If you leave the association of these dirty people, who do not want to solve your problem and if you enter into the association of real devotees, you can easily concentrate on God for help. God will give an immediate stay because the problem cannot be cancelled forever due to the cycle of deeds presided by justice. However, the temporary stay has the possibility of permanent solution also. After the stay, there may be a chance for you to become a liberated soul by entering into the service of the God in which case your file may be condemned permanently.

If you are ungrateful to the help which involves the super power of God, your file will be opened after some time and the punishment can be given to you in some other form so that your impression about the cancelling of that problem by God is not disturbed. Therefore, at every step of your life, become grateful to God and transform yourself as a liberated soul through service to Him which alone can give the permanent solution.

You may be compensated regarding your loss in course of time. Thus you may recover the loss but the time you spent in worry can never be compensated. Since your lifetime is a fixed quantum, the loss of time cannot be compensated. If you entertain yourself with enjoyment even during the time of loss, the time is not lost. When the loss is compensated you have gained both the time and the lost thing.

At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

dattaswami2 | Thu, 11/27/2008 - 15:50