How to overcome struggles

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In Spite of Reading epics, listening to discourses etc, why does the mind always wander. I am a reasonably and comfortably living. I am being forced to chase wealth for the sake of showing to others that I am a succesful person by my family, whereas i am not very keen on huge wealth.

I want to work at my own leisure and also offer myself to provide free serice to society.

However the onstant pressure from within my family is creating a lot of stress.

How to overcome this problems is something I am wondering on. My Favorite god is shiva and i spend some minutes meditating on him. yet my mind wanders.

Can someone trow some light on what to be done


Sridhar Babu

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The gateway is to accept this undesirable part in you

The main point: honor and respect also the part in you that does not fit your spiritual agenda - that which chases wealth, which is restless and stressed etc.

Regard it as you regard a mischievous child of yours, not as an intruder to the house.

There are of course reasons for this strong part in you, be it old conditionings, affecting energies, karma, genes. The reasons themselves are less important, more important is that when we do not know exactly the reasons for something undesirable we tend to believe that we can chase it out easily which is usually not the case.

Also, see the advantages you have thanks to this part in you. We tend to take these advantages for granted.

leo | Tue, 10/20/2009 - 07:15
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Don't get annoyed by the mountains

The path contains mountains and valleys, don't get annoyed by the climbing which can take sometimes a life time.

Connect in meditation to the place which sees the whole path, the whole picture, that has the perspective in which the current climbing is only a tiny part. It's easy to get in touch with thois place.

nathan | Tue, 10/20/2009 - 17:33
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Thanks for the comments. But the struggle to climb is not the issue. The need to climb is what is on my mind. why struggle to climb when you are not interested . family pressures are forcing people to compromise on they want to live.

This is my problem

sridhar babu

sridhar_babu0104 | Wed, 10/21/2009 - 04:18