How to Move Beyond The Feeling of Resistance in Meditation

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"If you meditate
for a long enough
period of time,
you come to the point
where you feel edgy.

You might call the
feeling boredom
or antsy
like you have had
too much coffee
to sit still.

A large part of meditation
is to go beyond
this feeling of resistance.

To continue to sit
and allow these edgy
feelings to be without
giving in to them.

And in this,
they burn away.

You sit still long enough,
the body is going to want to move.
Instead of moving,
you allow that feeling,
you feel that feeling,

you allow and feel it so completely
that you, as a separate person,
as a resistance to that feeling

So it is that resistance
that must be confronted.
By allowing and witnessing,
you are confronting the ego itself,
the tendency to separate,
to resist.

And in surrendering to that
you move beyond separation.

You as a separate person
as stress and resistance itself
will dissappear
and there will only
be consciousness,
there will only be peace.

Not as something
you dip in and out of
in enquiry or investigation,
but something
that is permanantly burned away
because you stick to it.

Because you dive deep into stillness
without coming up for air.



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