How Meditation Takes You to Freedom

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"Meditation is a bit
like gardening.

You plant some carrot seeds
and then every day
you water it,
you pull the weeds,
you nourish
the carrot plant
in every way you can.

You don't expect
a carrot instantly.

But out of love
for gardening
you do the work
without expecting
anything in return.

And then one day
to your surprise,
there is the carrot,
beautiful, orange
and delicious.

Same with meditation.

You commit yourself
to meditation
without expecting anything
in return.

You give yourself to
this moment
out of the love of giving.

Because some days
it will be challenging.

Some days awareness
will be blissful
and some days
will be a challenging
surrender to the intensity
that is here.

But simply by
and by nourishing
your awareness
in every way you can,

one day
without even focusing on it,

you could be reading a book
or walking in the woods
and suddenly there
is an opening,
suddenly bliss is radiating
freely from your heart.

Without you thinking about it.
Without you do anything
on your part.

It arises on its own,
at its own time,
yet it arises also
because you planted
the seed and helped it grow.



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