How to Live in Pure Being

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"When you let your attention fall
all the way back into this moment
it will always come to rest in pure being.

When you surrender
which means you let it all be
without attaching yourself to it,
then this sense of a personal 'me' drops away
and there is just pure being,
pure attention, no sense of separation.

Regardless of the thoughts
that are here,
the activities that are happening,
you are,
as pure being.

This is what you always are
and what you always have been.

It is just a matter of how
addicted to the noise you get,
how caught up are you in the content
of your thinking.

Are you willing to realize
you are contracting yourself
into being a conceptual 'me'
that is separate from everything else.

That you are creating and reinforcing
this me in every moment through contraction,
through obsessing over your thoughts
and therefore you can learn to stop
contracting your attention into this sense
of 'me' that is only made of thoughts,
that is separate from everything else.

Because realizing the peace that you are
is not about changing your thinking
or controlling your thinking.

It is about learning to stop that contraction
and allowing your attention
to fully rest in its natural state of being
that is this moment
both in sitting meditation
and in all activity.

You may need to move a little slower,
you need to give your full attention
to this moment and feel everything that
arises inwardly in this moment.
But you can move in pure being,
you can talk in pure being,
you can work in pure being
and you can sleep in pure being.

The moment you begin this practice
your life will change,
your whole experience will change.

The sanctuary of unconditional peace
is not only readily available in this moment
it is what you are.

And when you dedicate yourself to this,
life will miraculously support you in it.

Much love,


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