How to Live Enlightenment

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"Once you become
accustomed to experiencing
what is here beyond your thinking,

(call it presence, awareness, consciousness)
then all that is left is to keep your focus here.

Which is the same thing as saying
to stop being identified with your thoughts,
to stop being involved with your thinking.

This seems simple enough
and would be quite easy
if it wasn't for self-importance.

A thought arises
and immediately you give it importance.

You think it is something that needs attention;
something that needs to be dealt with
or indulged or figured out.

You place more importance on the thought
then you do on awareness
and then awareness flys out the window.

That is why meditation
is so important.

You give yourself time every day
to say
'for this period of time
my focus will be
solely on awareness.'

Because then when the thought arises
about what you have to do for work tomorrow,
you will be willing to let it go
because you made the commitment to do so.

And because you have that time every day
that you use only for the purpose of awareness,
that awareness begins to overflow
into the rest of your day.

So that you will be driving to work
and without any effort or reason
you will find yourself
in a sublime state of peace.



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Right living

What you describe is not enlightenment but some of outer circumstances of it from the perspective of the analysis of the mind into this phenomenon of enlightenment.

You do not need to live enlightenment; when it unfolds, it lives you, there is no one with a sense of individuality who feels he lives or wished to manipulate the story of this living, it is a different quality of happenings. The essence of enlightenment are the aspects which are viewed as metaphysical from the perspective of the mind and they are not volitional for the persona, unfortunately for the spiritual ego.

Still, I think what you suggest is a good prescription for right living and utmost preparation.

shishmanidov35 | Mon, 11/09/2009 - 08:06
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I am saddened by the comments in Right Living. People provide us with a gift when they post a blog. I don't see how we can evaluate an experience of another. What so often happens in spiritual communities is folks can get into a game of " I am more enlightened than you are". This is a deaadly game for everyone. When he was alive, my guru seemed to squash this game when ever he saw it being played.

gentlyok | Mon, 11/09/2009 - 13:33
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This is the beauty of this place

It is not a matter of experience of one or another but of stages and aspects of wisdom. Experience is not sacred, it is just a subjective look on reality. Experience can be deceiving and sometimes one word of a more advanced/different soul can awaken the other. It happened to me and happened to anyone. Wasn't it your experience in the past that attachments, possessions bring happiness? So what? You managed to go beyond this false experience.

This is the beauty of this place that each one shares his/her view on a matter and if needed corrects the other or debates with him so that everyone grows. This is the only way. Not only that you should not be saddened but we should rejoice our special luck having this opportunity.

From political correctness, patting and consensus people may feel good but will stay in their ignorance and for this purpose of feeling good there are many other venues and options which are not spiritual. If there is an attitude which is deadly for our progress - this is the attitude.

I personally want to hear the true opinions of others without overhead even and especially when they contradict mine.

Truth may be painful temporarily but one should never be scared of it and one may better run away from group think - this is the deadly stuff.

I personally like the comment above. It is true according to the satory state and was phrased meticulously. It is a blessing that such a comment was shared and it does not undermines the right of someone else like the original poster to think differently.

suzi | Mon, 11/09/2009 - 22:15